Cashing in on the metal-free implant trend is easy. 

During this two-day workshop, you’ll get the ins and outs on how to bring this lucrative service to your practice. We’ll teach you firsthand the fundamentals for successful surgery, aesthetic restoration, and the tools you need to effectively present ceramic implants as the preferred solution for your patients.

Gary Adams DDS

Biologic focused surgeon with 8 years of experience in ceramic implants and over 200 ZERAMEX Implants placed. Specialist in the Marketing and Sales of biologic dentistry. He will share best practices in surgery placement and restoration of Ceramic Implants, and detail how he is able to sell surgeries based on a wellness approach to presenting metal-free implants and the encompassing tools.

Michael Morgan DDS, M.S.

Dr Morgan is in private Periodontics practice in Cleveland Ohio. His practice focused offer solutions to those facing loss of teeth. He Is joining us to share the excitement of seeing how lives are changed & confidence is returned! Dr. Morgan will oversee LIVE SURGERIES and be ready to help answer any questions his use of biologic dentistry in his busy implant based practice.

Gary Pileggi DDS FAGD

Dr Pillegi brings a wealth of experience in holistic dentistry, laser treatment and ceramic implant treatment! As a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry less than two percent of dentists acheive the success and education of Dr. Pileggi. His experience in Metal-Free dentistry is second to none. He has studies across the globe to hone his skills and will be a valuable addition to our instructors. Dr. Pileggi will share his experience and be over the shoulder for any treatment.

John Lavicka CDT

John Lavicka is the founder and owner of The Center for Exceptional Practices

Live Patient and Hands-On courses for the Restorative Dentist. The Center for Exceptional Practices mission is simple – to enable our participants to master the techniques, philosophies and communication skills necessary to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction in clinical practice. We accomplish these goals by offering quality courses taught by expert instructors dedicated to helping every participant gain new knowledge and skills, increase their clinical confidence and renew their passion for dentistry through continuing education. 

Ceramic Implants and more...

Winning Solutions with Ceramic Implants

As patients have greater access to information and take their health serious, they are demanding that clinicians offer the most biologically compatible products possible. 

The most profitable offices are incorporating the cutting-edge techniques and materials to differentiate themselves with a comprehensive health treatment plan. 

The New Age of Wellness Dentistry

Now you can offer metal-free implants using the same surgical and restorative treatment plans as titanium implants. 

In this experiential workshop, you have the option to bring a patient so you can immediately translate all learning into practice by using two-piece, screw-retained, and entirely metal-free implants.

Live Surgery Practicum

You’ll have two full practicum sessions to explore new biologic techniques on a patient.

Our highly experienced team of surgeons will be next to you to answer any questions. 

In addition to ceramic implants, you will learn the ins and outs of how to utilize PRF Treatment, Ozone therapy, Biologic Graft Materials, and other non-invasive, patient-friendly treatments.

Agenda for the Course - 12 CE CREDITS


Friday August 24th

9.30 AM

Morning Lecture: Gary Adams

Understand the principals of biologic dental surgery. Dr. Adams will share best practices for successful Ceramic Implant Surgery. His process involves the use of i-PRF Treatment for healing and bone regeneration, OZONE Therapy, Biologic Synthetic Graft materials and more. The often overlooked aspect of Biologic Surgery is understanding the patients goals. The patient seeking Ceramic Implants is searching for the most healthy and most biologically compatible solution for a missing tooth. Dr. Adams is an expert in relaying this message to his patients and will share his best practices in marketing and sharing the procedures with patients.

Afternoon Session:


Registered clinicians with a valid license, who bring a patient, will be able to hone their skills during the LIVE SURGERY using all of the available tools in the clinic.

With 9 surgical chairs and 3 surgeons overseeing the surgeries, you’ll get the direct feedback you need to master these new biologic techniques. One ZERAMEX Implant will be provided with your registration.

Friday Night Cook-Out!

After a long day of learning, we will treat you to a BBQ cook-out at the Center for Exceptional Practices.


CALL FOR DETAILS - 786.622.2016

Thursday, August 25th


Breakfast On Site

9:00AM - 11AM

Morning Lecture: PRF (Platelet-rich fibrin) INTRODUCTION, Synthetic Grafting materials and OZONE Treatments

Ceramic Implants are only one piece of the larger treatment. Patients are requesting full mouth HEALTH!

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) in implant dentistry studies have demonstrated that platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a healing biomaterial with a great potential for bone and soft tissue regeneration, without any inflammatory reactions and may be used alone or in combination with bone grafts, promoting hemostasis, bone growth, and maturation. PRF appears as a natural and satisfactory aid in bone regenerative surgery. We will be able to draw blood and use PRF Centrifuge to create iPRF use.

Synthetic Graft materials like Cerasorb M is A biomimetic bone graft, featuring unique interconnecting porosity that allows it to be completely resorbed while simultaneously creating new bone.  Available in several granule sizes to best meet the bone resorption/remodeling needs of a variety of dental bone graft procedures. As a synthetic material this is preferred substance for natural procedures and eliminate need for cadaver or animal substitutes

Ozone Therapy has been more beneficial than present conventional therapeutic modalities that follow a minimally invasive and conservative application to dental treatment for bacterial elimination. The oral cavity appears as an open ecosystem, with a dynamic balance between the entrance of microorganisms, colonization modalities, and host defenses aimed to their removal: To avoid elimination, bacteria need to adhere to either hard dental surfaces or epithelial surfaces. 

Day 2


Registered clinicians with a valid license, who bring a patient, will be able to hone their skills during the LIVE SURGERY using all of the available tools in the clinic.

With 9 surgical chairs and 3 surgeons overseeing the surgeries, you’ll get the direct feedback you need to master these new biologic techniques. One ZERAMEX Implant will be provided with your registration.

Those participants without an active Ohio license will be able to attend all sessions, but not the surgery practicum.



Incorporating biologic dental surgery is a concept for Dental Health. Products are tools for achieving these goals. Thank you to all of the companies that will make this event beneficial.


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